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Potato Jet Speeds Up His Video Editing with the Wipster Review Panel

Gene Nagata, aka Potato Jet, on YouTube uses Adobe Premiere Pro and Wipster together to edit his educational videos for his YouTube channel and for client videos. Gene also runs his own video production company called “Second Light Creative” where he specializes in commercial, documentary, action, and product videos.

In his latest video, he gives us a tour of his newly updated video editing suite and at the 5:00 mark in the video he tells us about how he uses Wipster inside of Adobe Premiere Pro.


Use Wipster with Adobe Premiere & After Effects with the Wipster Review Panel Add-on

First, you need to sign-up for a Wipster account (get a free 5GB plan here), then the Wipster Review Panel is entirely free to use. Install the Wipster Review Panel directly into your Adobe Creative Cloud using the Adobe Exchange. Make sure that Adobe Premiere Pro is closed before you initiate the install. After it is installed, open up Premiere Pro, then go to Window > Extensions > Wipster Review Panel. Then login, and you can start to upload and share your video timelines directly from within Premiere Pro.

You can then upload and share your videos for feedback without leaving Premiere Pro. You’ll also receive all your feedback as a to-do list inside of the panel. See it all in action below:


If you’re having trouble downloading it through Adobe Exchange, you can also manually install it using the ZXP file here. Note: You’ll also need a ZXP Installer software too.

Wipster Has a Mobile App too!

If you’re on the go, you can also install the Wipster App for iOS or Android. From the app, you can respond to feedback or give feedback on videos that were sent to you.

If you have any further questions about Wipster, send an email to or click the button below to see which plan is right for you.


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