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How Large Companies Use Video to Create Interactive Experiences

Are you looking for content that is inherently engaging? Something that requires your audience to be active with your company's content.    

With interactive content, the audience gets to dictate where the story goes. That creates opportunities to create highly engaging content.

According to a recent Content Marketing Institute study, of the 341 content marketers surveyed, 66% agreed audience engagement has increased since their organization started using interactive content.   

Interactive content requires a viewer to engage beyond reading or watching. Quizzes, assessments, and calculators are some of the more familiar examples made popular by viral companies like BuzzFeed. Larger companies are also quickly turning to interactive video as it becomes easier to produce due to new software. Some successful interactive videos and campaigns include…

Walgreen's Journey Through the Human Body

Walgreen's sponsored content shows the essential purpose of vitamins through an interactive infographic.

Large companies creating interactive experiences

The Magic School-bus esque animations tackle larger concepts into smaller interactive pieces. Viewers can review each vitamin's benefits with cellular function and other biological benefits. They also include a nutritional calculator to estimate whether you need vitamins to supplement your current diet.

Mobile Phone Company Gets Personal   

LG USA Mobile engage potential customers who have already expressed interest in their brands through a series of lifestyle videos showing how handy an LG G6 phone is for their passions like parkour. A video posted by LG geared towards florists has over 2.6 million views. 


Viewers are then retargeted with a second video in the funnel based on their interests. Once they watch 10 seconds of that video, they are set up to receive a third video as part of a mini-series to push them towards purchasing.         

Online Fashion Shows

eCommerce stores are finding more ways to show their products in different contexts. And with technologies like VR and 360 videos rolling out, large eCommerce brands are utilizing them on campaigns.     

For New York Fashion Week Under Armour created an interactive 360 video showing off their latest items. While models walk an industrial runway, viewers can click to see what clothes they are wearing. Each clickable area includes a link taking them to individual product pages. Viewers can also skip to the installation to see everything offered.   

CNBC Incorporating Interactive Content       

CNBC took what has now for better or worse become a tradition in online media, the listicle, and made it into even smaller clips of content.

In an article targeted to millennials, How to Make Money on a Side Job, viewers can jump straight to a video clip covering a part time job they're interested in and be able to share that portion of the video on social networks.   

Interactive video content CNBC

So where could you potentially incorporate this for your enterprise company? You have many many options. One of the big ones is education. Companies could use this in self-help content. Meet your customers where they are at with a problem. In something that requires multiple steps, give viewers the ability to jump to labelled clips within a video.    

A Party With the Most Interesting Man   

Some interactive experiences take customers to a place they otherwise would have never been able to enjoy.    

Dos Equis released a VR film that takes viewers on a masquerade party themed journey. In addition to the 360 experience, viewers make choices throughout opening to a variety of endings. Plus they had the chance to win a New Orleans trip for Dos Equis' annual masquerade.    

It currently has over 27 million views online.    


With interactive video, you have many favorable conditions for personalization and high engagement. You may have noticed with some of these examples specific SaaS tools largely streamline making content interactive. This should continue to become easier to produce as more software rolls out.   

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